Raiding with Randoms. This is how you LFG | Destiny 2 | Season of Arrivals

As promised to the Random Raiders met just the other day, here is part one of a 6 PART series.

This was our first meeting where we have our wild host GryphonTheMighty, joining into a Random LFG Squad full of randoms going for the Raid Emblem and that sweet sweet loot. Will they survive the encounter? Will they make it to the next part?

Aside from all of the craziness that is in this series I wanted to take a moment and talk about the real reason that this video is here. I wanted to showcase the reasons that I have taken up the mantel of posting videos and helping out the Destiny Community. Over the past 6 almost 7 years of being in this community I have had nothing short of a blast from raiding with randoms all going for the goal or joining fireteams with other solo players looking to complete weekly challenges. Cohesive and inclusive I love the Destiny community and I hope you get that same feel from this as I do.








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